Roblox Beekeepers Codes

Roblox Beekeepers Codes

Beekeeping now has its place in Roblox too. Meet Beekeepers!, a new game that takes certain elements from the popular Bee Swarm Simulator to give it a unique twist. In this game, you can collect pollen Patties and talk to some characters who will give you missions.

This game has caused controversy among the community for its resemblance to Bee Swarm Simulator, however that has not undermined its popularity at all. People who try it admit that Beekeepers! made improvements to the game from which he drew inspiration.

Roblox Beekeepers Codes – (2021 Updated)

  • FreeStarJelly – Get Star Jelly.
  • DingbatsSecretCode – Get Mondo Converter.
  • JayBlue1sBae – Get Massive Bamboo and Blue Flower Boost.
  • 1kCode2 – Get Myster item.
  • BSSLeaksPinned – Get booster for 15 minutes.
  • NotBeeSwarmLeaks – Get booster for 120 minutes.
  • GuessYouMadeIt – Get Treat and the Noob Morph.
  • KalantaikaKode – Get Micro Converter and Haste.
  • MittensEggCodeSD – Get Silver Egg and Royal Belly.
  • OofSoManyReboots – Get Star Jelly.
  • YDownHere – Get Royal Jelly.

How to Redeem

To redeem these codes you must go to the settings button at the bottom left of the screen. When you are done, a new screen will appear with an area to write. Pressing “Enter” you can redeem them.

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